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PT Inovasi Lintas Media was established in 2001 as a system integrator for telecommunication and enterprise. With over one decade of industry experience, our solutions are built on innovation, expertise, independence, and flexibility. Inovasi provides main solutions such as Operation Support System, Data Center Solution, Network, Data Communication and LED Videotron, and we are expanding our business into managed service area related to IT services due to new realities, new demands and new business model that companies facing nowadays. Inovasi has the best people and the best solution for all your business need. We pride our selves on our reliable solutions and elevated services standard.

About Us

PT Inovasi Lintas Media

PT Inovasi Lintas Media is an IT Company founded in 2001, built on trust and its excellence to assist and provide only the best solution services to our valued customers.

Our experienced and reliable team offers variety of services which include operation support system (OSS), business support system (BSS) data center solution as well as network and data communication.

We currently are expanding our area of services as required by the world demand today.


Incorporated in 2004, is one of Indonesia’s leading IT supply chain, logistics experts and valued added distributor of AMP NETCONNECT, BELKIN, CISCOM, Alcatel,  ADD-COM, TENDA, DINOSAURS.

We have the commitment to build a mutual and beneficial relationships among our customers and suppliers.

Our Services

Manage Service

ILM Provides IT professional service to help your company plan, Design, implementation and manage the right technologies to improve business product. From helpdesk to software development to payroll data  Process, We take the complexity out of IT solution management.


DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a cutting-edge technology that enables high-capacity data transmission over optical networks.
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An IP Network System is the foundation of modern communication, connecting devices and enabling seamless data exchange across your organization.
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Network Infrastructure forms the backbone of your organization’s connectivity, encompassing the hardware, software.
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Security is paramount in safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring the protection of sensitive data.
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