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ILM Provides professional service to help your company plan, design, implementation and manage the right technologies to improve business product. From helpdesk to software development to payroll data process.

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The Power of Integration

Backbone Transmission Optic (DWDM)

DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a cutting-edge technology that enables high-capacity data transmission over optical networks. Our DWDM solutions provide the backbone for fast, reliable, and scalable data transfer, revolutionizing the way organizations communicate and share data.

IP Network System

An IP Network System is the foundation of modern communication, connecting devices and enabling seamless data exchange across your organization. Our IP network solutions are designed for reliability, security, and scalability, empowering your business with the connectivity it needs to thrive in the digital age.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure forms the backbone of your organization’s connectivity, encompassing the hardware, software, and protocols that facilitate data transfer and communication. Our comprehensive network infrastructure solutions ensure robust, secure, and efficient connectivity, empowering your business to operate seamlessly and stay ahead in the digital landscape.


Security is paramount in safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring the protection of sensitive data. Our cutting-edge security solutions provide comprehensive protection against cyber threats, data breaches, and unauthorized access, allowing you to operate with confidence in an increasingly interconnected world.

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